Only a mere week of re-declaring wakeboarding my favorite form of exercise, it goes and retaliates against me.

Apparently 4th of July weekend is just a little bit popular at the lake. As in, probably the most popular weekend of the entire year. That translates to boats.everywhere.

Wakeboarding requires a little bit of spaces, and smooth waters. Neither of those existed this holiday weekend, but of course we wakeboarded anyways.

But not for long.

Three runs in and I found myself flat on my face, tearing the board off my feet, and getting pulled back into the boat yelling things about a broken ankle and hating wakes.

Of course I didn’t break my ankle, but I did sprain it. The culprit? Crappy bindings that didn’t fit. My foot slid out of the bindings and proceeded to get stuck upright in the ankle part of the boot; I was then crushed by a serious of other boats’ wakes which sent my board into a spiral with my feet attached in all the wrong places.

Wakeboard binding foot positionWakeboard binding wrong foot position

Add that to this:

Wakeboarding wakes

And you have disaster.


Oy vey.