Today you’re going to see something you’ve never, ever seen on SoS before…and probably never will again.

Small children should avert their eyes.

What is it you ask?


Topped with cheese.

 steaks and broccoli

No, I didn’t get a taste bud transplant. It was for the husband. I figure it has to be pretty hard to stick by your wife as she flails around trying to start her own business. And trust me, after 3 years of marriage, I promise you a little brown-nosing kindness doesn’t hurt.

The poor meat & potatoes loving boy is constantly fed vegetables against his will. (Hey, if you’re not gonna cook, you’re gonna eat what the cook makes.)

Plus, he’s sick. Even the toughest men turn into whining babies when they don’t feel good. I figured I’d head him off at the pass with a meal he couldn’t complain about.

Enter Pimento Cheese Smothered Filet with Roasted Broccoli. (Ok, the broccoli is because even in my nicest state I insist on vegetables. ;))

brocoli bunche

I”ve probably cooked steak twice in my life, so I had quite the task at hand.

I kept things simple and coated the steak in a little bit of olive oil and crushed peppercorn. (I added some salt after cooking.) I tried to leave it plain so the meat could speak for itself, but at the last minute I added some Worcestershire sauce- because who doesn’t love that?


(Yes it’s in the background blurred out on purpose. I’m not trying to scar any young eyes that may be reading with raw meat.)

Onto the grill they went. I seared them for a few minutes on super high heat to lock in all the juices, then lowered the heat and continued cooking on each side for a few minutes.

steaks on grill

While the steaks cooked I got to work on the pimento cheese.

First up some pepper jack cheese.

pepper jack cheese  shredded cheese

Then some diced roasted bell peppers- a red one and an orange one.

diced roasted peppers

(Remember that garden I completely & miserably failed at? It’s growing peppers!!!)

bell peppers

Pepper jack cheese and roasted peppers mixed together with a little cayenne pepper, parsley, and mayo.

pimento cheese

When the steaks were pretty much done cooking, I covered them in the spicy pimento-less pimento cheese and let it melt. (You could pop it under the broiler too.)

For a side dish, I chopped up some broccoli and a few garlic slices, then roasted it at 400 for 25 minutes until the florets started to brown.

broccoil  chopped broccoli 

When it came out of the oven I sprinkled it with lemon juice and parmesan cheese.

roasted broccoli

And thus before you lays the manliest manly meal to ever cross into SoS territory. Look closely because it’s not happening again.

pimento cheese covered steaks

See? I am a good wife. Sometimes. When I’m not force-feeding beans and vegetables…


Do you cook things you don’t like for other people?