Something catastrophic happened yesterday.

I bit my lip eating a scone.

No, that’s not the catastrophic part.

The catastrophic part? I liked it. The scone, not the lip biting.

cinnamon scone

Yes me, who hates scones and doesn’t appreciate their dominance in the pastry world. I’ve been quoted on more than one occasion as saying they taste like stale dry cookies.

But this one was good. Not cookie good, but, part of breakfast good.

So obviously that means I needed to figure out how to make them.


(Why was I eating a scone if I hate them you ask? Well, apparently “pumpkin bread” sounds a lot like “cinnamon scone” to the Starbucks barista. Luckily she didn’t destroy my soy cinnamon dolce latte so I let her live.)

Anyway. It was just slightly crusty on the outside, and soft on the inside. Some kind of merger between a cookie and muffin. But in a good way. Not a what the heck am I eating and why did I pay 2 dollars for it way.

So, you know what’s gonna happen? While I work like a mad scientist determining the absolute best scone recipe of all times -that doesn’t taste like stale dry cookie- I’m kicking off the new SoS series that’s the result of the brilliant master mind Sarah: The Best _____ Ever.

scone scone1 scone2

Yup, that’s right. The first “Best ___ Ever” is going to be scones.

What do you need to do? Tell me why you make or where to find the Best Scones Ever.

You can:

a) Leave a comment

b) Link to a recipe in the comments and tell me why it’s the best

c) Send me an email with a mini “guest post” about your Best Ever Scones

When I reveal my secret recipe, I’ll feature some of your Best Evers.