Well, it’s D-day.

As in I’ll know if I’ll be able to do this upcoming triathlon or not.

If I can’t survive a 5K, I clearly can’t double that in a month. As much as I want to do the tri, I also want to keep my leg function. You know, working legs. Kind of a big deal.

Of course my knee has been killing me in mental anticipation…

But if I can do it….it’s ON.


So, here goes a race like no other. This week and last night’s rain have guaranteed the mud run will in fact be…muddy.

rugged maniac mud run track

The electronic race packet amused me. Select phrases:


And pictures of course construction have been going up on their Facebook page….

rugged maniac course construction

And of course, my favorite line of the race packet email:

fire obstacle is on

Should be an interesting day…


Time to go get muddy!!!