Ummm, what happened to Saturday? All the things I planned to get done…still not done.

Here’s what happened this week:

The husband and I dressed up as Juno & Paulie for Halloween. Original? No. Warm & comfortable? Yes.

juno halloween costume

I made more pancakes. But with dark chocolate and coffee. Really, you can’t get better than dark chocolate for breakfast.

dark chocolate chip pancakes recipe

I royally screwed up a recipe that resulted in… a delicious recipe. This citrus pecan loaf is now going to be my go-to gingerbread recipe for the holiday season. Not too gingerbread-y; a little citrus-y; a lot yummy.

citrus gingerbread recipe

I also gave away a Seventh Generation prize pack that included dishwashing soap, a Le Creuset baking dish, and Twist natural cleaning supplies. Skip to the bottom for the winner.


tiny stuff

Our little half pint isn’t so little anymore. We’ve passed the 2 pound mark and are enjoying the last week in the second trimester.

We also talked about poop a lot got a private lesson in cloth diapering, which was fun.

cloth diapers

And I gave you my take on cloth diapering 101.


Other People’s Stuff

Cheaper Than Therapy wrote probably my favorite post ever: the top 10 differences between bloggers and journalists

I wish I had one of these Eat, Live, Run Apple Dumplings. Like right now.

This is a great article about barefoot/minimalist running. Just because you lose the shoes doesn’t mean your running form magically improves.


And now drumroll please…

The winner of the 7th Generation prize pack is…




Congrats! Please email your mailing address so you can get your prize!


Happy weekend Smile