Happy Mother’s Day to my momma and all my momma friends out there!

I didn’t share any links with you last weekend because I was too busy attending derby parties and birthday parties- not a bad reason to step away from the computer, right?


Well this weekend I’m going to keep it short and sweet because my mom is here with me {yay}!

So here you go:


This recipe completely intrigues me. Although adding my favorite wine to anything is a win in my book.

Combine 3 of the best tastes and put them into one drink… YES PLEASE.

These sound right up my alley. Although I would completely defeat the purpose and at least double the recipe.

Perhaps my favorite read of the week, 10 Things I Really F’in Want For Mother’s Day. Sorry I never got you any of these things, mom. Husband, it’s not too late…


The life of an allergy mom.

Can you really get fit with just 3 minutes of exercise a week?

The chicken and the egg: weight & personality

One thing you may not have thought of when you were house hunting.

Colic & migraines?

How many miles is that cheeseburger?

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Also, tomorrow I have a really, really cool campaign to share with you- I’m so excited to be participating and can’t wait to fill you in and tell you how you can participate too.


Happy weekend!