{Had me a blaaast.} <—Sorry, had to.

This morning as I went on my usual morning walk, there was something different. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it at first.

It wasn’t the air that you could almost describe as chilly, although that was certainly a welcome change.

It wasn’t the smell of the freshly fallen rain, or the scent of damp grass.

it was kids. At bus stops. School bus stops.

The first sign that summer is drawing to a close.

Since I’m not in school, I tend to judge the end of summer by when it stops being ridiculously hot, but the school year starting up again is certainly a sign those days are coming.

Plus, it’s not just school that starts up again- it’s everything. I’m surprised September isn’t the first month of the year, since that’s when just about every activity except summer camp begins.

Let’s make this clear- I am by no means complaining. I love fall. I’m itching for fall. I’ll mourn the quick passing of fall when all too quickly turns into winter.

But I did have a pretty fun summer:

A wedding in Connecticut.

smoochingdancing dip


baltimore inner harbor skylinefitbloggin roomies

A wedding in Ohio.

beautiful summer bride

Plenty of summer days wakeboarding on the lake.

wakeboarding tricksbelews lake nc

Beach trip!

summer at the beachyaupon pier oak island nc

24 Hours of Booty, round 2.

24 hours of booty charity bike ride

Friends at HLS.

hls cocktail party

And of course, this little adventure. Baby SoS.

cute pregnancy announcement

Sunscreen Issues

As you know, all summer long I battled the “what sunscreen to wear” dilemma. The kind that goes on easy, or that kind that doesn’t cause cancer?

It took until beach week when I finally figured out my solution. I mixed the skin-healthy, nearly impossible to spread zinc-based Coppertone Sensitive Skin with the Eucerin daily moisturizer. It made it easy to spread, plus it cut down on the potential toxins. On occasion, I’d fill in the gaps with my beloved but dangerous Neutrogena Cooling Effects spray. Hey, sunburn’s no good for you either- gotta do whatever keeps your skin protected!

Want some of your own everyday protection lotion?

eucerin everyday protection

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