Much like I once said I would never watch an episode of The Bachelor or let my kid play with my phone, I vowed I’d never fall for the seemingly magic phenomenon known as CrossFit.

And just like I could tell you everything that happened on the last season of The Bachelor and could show you the crack on my phone that proves I have let my phone be taken captive by grimy toddler hands, I just had to know what it was that made CrossFit so great.

I’ve always known I could be stronger. I could work harder. But I didn’t {and don’t} have what it takes to push myself to get there. The What’s Beautiful challenge that I’m doing with Under Armour & Fitfluential is what’s nudging me to get there. To me, strong is what’s beautiful, inside and out, so that’s what I’m going to be. Not want to be. WILL be.

crossfit wod

When I saw a group deal pop up for a local CrossFit box, I knew I had to do it. CrossFit is fairly new to this area and there aren’t a ton of options {although it’s growing}. I’d regretted not jumping on the only other deal I’ve seen pop up, so this time I didn’t let it slip past me.

I scheduled my mandatory fitness assessment for the next day. After driving around in circles around a sketchy looking warehouse, I finally saw a garage door propped open. I caught a glimpse of giant truck tires and pull up bars and knew I was in the right place.

Within minutes I was doing hundreds of jumping jacks, pushups, lunges, squats, and pull ups. I was exhausted and hadn’t even gotten to the notorious WOD- workout of the day.

And then it came.

For time, 7 rounds of:

  • 7 kettlebell swings
  • 7 sumo deadlift high pulls
  • 7 burpees

I made it through 5 rounds before my legs literally wouldn’t propel me up in a jump anymore.

I knew this kind of push was what I needed. I was 1 hour into it and I already knew why people get so into this. It’s intense, it’s hard, it’s exhilarating. It holds you accountable and it lets you compete against yourself. It proves you can do more than you thought.

Unfortunately this box {like most} doesn’t have childcare, doesn’t open until late in the day, and closes too early for me to make it. But that doesn’t mean I can’t take the momentum from my first WOD and use it to drive my other workouts.


What’s Beautiful goal, here I come. #SHEisSTRONG

What are you doing to be strong?