I found a use for overly-dense homemade buns…..


Peanut butter & jelly!!! These buns are perfect for soaking up the jelly but not getting soggy 🙂

Nothing like a classic pb&j for breakfast.  That sandwich probably literally weighed half a pound. Lesson learned: let dough rise before baking.

Sure sticks to the roof of your mouth! Good thing I had a nice mug of coffee to wash it down.


Coconut milk doesn’t froth up when you shake it the same way regular milk does, so I’ve gone back to using my Senseo to get a semi-frothy coffee. (It’s one of those individual coffee makers. I love it.)

Gotta keep this short because I’m off to…

my 1st physical therapy appointment!!!! YAY!!!

I’ve never looked forward to an appointment so much- I hope it’s helpful! I’m supposed to get fitted for orthotics (which I’m still wary of) and then start the PT.

Have you had physical therapy before? Did you find it helpful? I had it for my hips when I was a teenager. I don’t remember much about it except for the electric-shock-like machine that I thought felt amazing (which is a little sadistic, no?).

Have a great day!!