Normally I have little-to-no interest in running-specific sports bras. I’ll just be honest and say it’s because I have little-to-no need for support. I just grab my go-to C9 sports bra {I have just about every color because I’m obsessed} and call it a day.

When I got pregnant, I continued to wear the C9s; I just went up a size. It wasn’t until after my baby was born and I started breastfeeding that I needed something a little more supportive and running-friendly.

Zensah sent me one their running sports bras to try out. {Previously I only knew Zensah from a compression-sleeve standpoint.} It’s hot pink, so what’s not to love about it?

zensah running sports bra

There’s not a ton that can be said about a sports bra, but here’s what I like about it:

It’s supportive. Mission accomplished.

The inner layer is cinched {is that the word?} to make the fabric a little more form fitting, while the out layer provides extra support. This is not a technical assessment, just my opinion on the inner workings of a sports bra.

The fabric is soft and comfortable on my skin, while still being firm and tight enough to do it’s job.

The downside? They run small. I got the S/M size and it’s definitely a tight around the band and gets uncomfortable after wearing it for a little while- not one I’d keep on all day after the gym. That’s an easy fix though: get a bigger size. Winking smile

zensah running bra <– Image from Zensah

Now, if only they made breastfeeding sports bras. You’d think after more than a year I’d finally invest in one instead of constantly changing my clothes…