Official race photos are notoriously bad. Like really bad.

But the Rugged Maniac official race photos were not only rugged, they were awesome- so fun to go back and look at what all the other racers were doing and what the course looked like.

Here’s a few of the proofs from the photography company, AltaSky. {Who did a fantastic job- the pictures rock.}

Ready, set, mud!

rugged maniac barbed wire

It’s tire time.

tire jungle race

Oh, just a little cargo net in the way…

climbing cargo netjumping off cargo net obstacle

The jumping may have been worse than the climbing.

mid air jumpflying cargo net dismount

Yes, that’s barbed wire.

mud crawl

Do you like my blonde highlights mud-lights?

barbed wire mud pit obstacle

After crawling hands & knees through the first barbed wire pit, apparently I decided to crouch my way through this one.

adventure mud run

Balance beaming. {As you can tell, it wasn’t exactly a race.}

all kinds of muddywalk the plank mud pit

This guy was just freaking awesome rugged.

flying mud leap

Water’s a little deep…

splash mud pit

Do you see how high I’m looking up? Long climb up to the slide.

climbing the slide

Almost mudslide time…

time for mudslide

How you can you not love this picture?

conquering the mud slide

Here goes nothing!

rugged maniac mud run

{No slide pictures of us. Boooo.}

Speaking of deep water…

mud pit water obstacle

The bottom of the mudslide was at least 4 or 5 feet deep…we watched people just disappear at the bottom before we slid down.

giant mud pit splash

Yup, I’d say it was rugged alright.


Do you ever buy race photos? Even if they’re awful?