I don’t know what color my thumbs are, but green they are not.


My poor little vegetable garden isn’t really much of a garden anymore. Apparently these things don’t grow themselves.

I blame the heat wave that coincided with a vacation—> not enough water 🙁

no watering

So since my veggies were already well on their way to dead, I wasn’t too upset when I glanced out the window and a saw Puxatony Phil’s long distance cousin nibbling away at the sweet potato leaves.

(You know your garden’s hopeless when your first thought is “Aww, how cute!” Not “Get away from my veggies you pig!”)

I tried to catch a picture of the groundhog, but I scared him away when I went outside. I usually scare the neighbors away too, so I don’t blame him.

He would have looked something like this I think though:

devil groundhog

I can’t really blame him. I love sweet potatoes too.

I’ll attempt to salvage what’s left, but we might just have to call this “soil prep” for next year.


Anybody out there have a green thumb?