I was so anxious to get back on a wakeboard after taking a year off for my bum knee that I didn’t stop to think about the consequences of a somewhat dangerous sport. I know, stopping, thinking, consequences- boring stuff.

I’m sure I would have done it anyways, but now, two weeks before my big bike ride, I’m sitting here with a sprained ankle. All because I was a liiiitle reckless wakeboarding in too-rough waters.

wakeboarding on the lake

Although my ankle is mostly healed now, and I believe it will be fine in time for the ride, it’s definitely put a kink in my  century training plan. {Walking doesn’t bother it too much, but pointing my foot or turning it sideways is almost always a mistake.}

What started out looking like this:

century training plan

Now looks a little more like a couple of 8-10 mile rides here and there.

For now I’m doing a some awkward looking one-legged trainer rides, although I’m not sure that’s helping any. As soon as vacation’s over, it’s back on the trails.

And by the way, I’m not scared of my bike any more. Actually, as soon as I got on and went for a ride or two, I laughed at my own ridiculousness.

ready for 24 hours of booty charlotte

Really the only thing that bothers is me is finding a safe place to ride with an appropriate road-bike surface. Still working on that one…