I might be what’s considered “behind” on the past few days’ posts by some people’s standards…

My standards, however, deem me on [sort-of] vacation.

But when you’ve got a big list to cram into a short schedule, staring at a computer doesn’t rank high on the agenda. I’ll get to most of it, but it definitely includes a farmer’s market the size of my entire city to the best gnocchi of my life. {Ok, only gnocchi.} And more food than you could possibly imagine.


So let’s get to it:

Friday morning started with a hunt for a local informal breakfast joint. Found: Cable Car Café.


Next up: an informal photog session with Ashley. This girl knows her stuff. We all picked her brain & hoped her skills would rub on us.


We may or may not have gotten kicked out of the kids section of Borders. What, you can’t plop down a crowd in the middle of the store like you own it?


Talking about taking pictures of food revs up your appetite. So does walking more than 2 miles through the sketchiest parts of town. Destination: Café Gratitude.




Raw, vegan entrees galore. Café Gratitude knows how to do it right.


The “I am graceful” aka a Indian-flavored quinoa bowl filled me up like you wouldn’t believe. What is it about raw food?!



—    —    —    —    —    —

And then the massive foodness began. Yes, foodness.


The Foodbuzz festival kicked off in the marina district at Herbst Pavilion with street food vendors galore.




So.much.food. My favorite were the tacos from Tacolicious: vallarta beans, squash, peppers, napoles with fresh lime juice. And the cupcakes. Duh.


What’s better than cupcakes? Mini cupcakes of course. Mini pumpkin cupcakes.


I liked the pumpkin ones so much I didn’t even try the other flavors for fear they wouldn’t meet the high standards set by the pumpkin.Winking smile

The Food Network was filming the Mission Minis cupcake baker! Now I’ll have to stalk the listings for the show to air.


As if being cute & mini wasn’t enough, the cupcakes spelled out Foodbuzz. All 1,241 cupcakes.



Let the sugar coma commence.