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Sometimes I feel like a fraud.

Here I am writing this blog that’s supposed to be about fitness: training for triathlons and races. But in reality, there hasn’t been much of that.

I’m not where I thought I’d be at this point: 16 months into motherhood. I’d assumed after an active pregnancy and jumping back into things easily that I’d be back at my normal fitness level by now.

I’m not. And I’ve been ok with that. But now I’m ready.

when you want to quit

I started out strong, easing back into running {after a long, drawn out break due to pre-pregnancy injury} just weeks after having a baby. But then it went downhill. Not a steep downhill; a slow and not-so-steady slight downward incline.

My baby didn’t sleep. Like REALLY did.not.sleep. I became an absolute robotic zombie. I went into survival mode. Most of the time survival mode did not include physical activity that went beyond the athletic feats it took to coerce the babe into slumber. I had no interest in the effort it took to go to the gym or picking my feet up faster than a walk.

You Can Do This

Then I got stuck in a rut. I adapted to the routine of not really doing much or always taking care of everything else first. I remember a friend telling me once that she gave up long distance running after having a baby because she no longer had interest in going out on 2 hour long training runs. At the time I didn’t understand. Now I do.

Even when babies exhaust you and frustrate you and plain wear you out, you still want to be there for as many moments as possible. It’s hard to tear yourself away even if you know taking care of yourself is good for everyone in the long run.

So I’m in need of a little push. Something concrete on the calendar that I can’t brush aside. And I’ve found just that. Two little somethings, actually.

Ramblin Rose triathlon

I’ll be doing not 1, but 2 triathlons this summer/fall. A couple months back I won a giveaway from Caitlin and immediately registered for the Winston-Salem Ramblin’ Rose Sprint Tri. Now I’m excited to announce that I’m a Ramblin’ Rose Blog Ambassador! Which means they’re graciously covering my registration to the Ramblin’ Rose Tri in Charlotte.

Blogger Ambassador

Ramblin’ Rose organizes a great series of women-only events that “inspire & empower families”. Though I have no qualms competing against men, I love the camaraderie of women’s-only events. The Ramblin’ Rose tris are specifically designed for beginners- they’re super sprints of 250m swim, 9 mile bike, and 2 mile runs {“ish”- each race is a little different}. The perfect intro {or re-intro} to the sport of triathlon.

Tri Together

I’m so excited {if not somewhat terrified} to have these two events on my calendar. I can’t wait to start training. This is perfect timing to go along with the What’s Beautiful campaign I’m participating in. Anybody want to do one with me?! *Nudge nudge*

I might need you all to remind me that I need to train though…deal?

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