It’s with regret that I even need to write this post, but I’m very careful and considerate of what brands and products I choose to review and/or promote here on with a Side of Sneakers.

Apparently I wasn’t careful enough this time around.

uh oh

A couple weeks ago I enthusiastic reviewed pv.body, a company that mails high end, name brand workout apparel straight to your doorstep. Pretty cool, right? I thought so too. I was sent a sample outfit to review. While the pieces I received weren’t “name brand” in the sense that I’d heard of them, they were well constructed, made of high quality fabric, and retailed for a higher price than the cost of the monthly subscription.


I thought it was a great concept. So great that I after testing out my sample outfit, I signed up and paid for my own subscription. I signed up with a coupon code during a month with a promotion for an extra free top, making the cost of the first month less than a single piece I would typically pick up at Target. {Seriously can’t beat that.}

That’s when things went downhill.

First, when I checked my credit card statement, my coupon code wasn’t applied. Second, when the pretty pink envelope showed up on my doorstep, there was no extra workout top. Third, I received items of a style I very specifically did not choose in my style quiz. Fourth, I got the same outfit as my first box.

I’m a nice person so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and the opportunity to fix things. That was three weeks ago. The charge has yet to be fixed and I can’t get anyone to help me with the issue of the missing top or switching the outfit. Obviously I’m cancelling my membership.

Normally I would just assume they were busy and they’d get back to me when they could, but then Sarah piped up with some interesting news. File that under “things that make you go hmmmmmm”.

Now I know many people have had some great experiences with the company, especially in regards to changing sizes or swapping styles, but it’s never a good sign in my book when you can’t even get in touch with customer service.

I’m not one to bash companies or throw people under the bus, but when I review something on my blog and encourage you to check it out, I need to feel 100% confident in my recommendation. Unfortunately, I need to retract that support at this time. I hope the company will get there act together and get things sorted out appropriately, but if you were thinking about subscribing I’d suggest holding off for the time being.

Have you tried out Pv. Body yet? How was your experience? What do you think of the whole “bait & switch” tactic?