{Told you I had a thing for all things pumpkin and fall.}

Rise and shine! Breakfast of champions: Starbucks oatmeal with dried fruit and mixed nuts, and soy chai latte.

starbucks oatmeal chai tea latte

And bloggers hard at work, borrowing wifi from the hotel Starbucks.

bloggers at work

After fueling up with our fill of both coffee and internet, we hit the streets of Philly.

philly architecture

I had no idea Philadelphia was full of such beautiful architecture, but I shouldn’t have been surprised, it is the Old City after all.

Our walk coincided with the arrival of several flights, and soon there was a HUGE group of us trekking down the street. We soon realized our original destination of Govinda’s vegetarian restaurant wasn’t going to be able to serve or hold us all. A bunch of us split off and kept walking a few blocks until we stumbled upon the Pumpkin Market. It ended up being a great choice.

pumpkin market philly

Local coffee and seasonal produce, sandwiches, ice cream and fresh squeezed juice? What more could you want?

pumpkin market sandwich board

It was still pretty crowded, but they did a great job handling the sudden influx of hungry foodies.

standing in line to order sandwiches

We grabbed our salads and sandwiches to go, and parked ourselves outside on the sidewalk, enjoying the great Philly weather.

take out specials at pumpkin market

pumpkin market menu

With only one cook on site, it took a little while to whip up all those sandwiches, but there was plenty of seating outside while we waited.

chillin in philly


hls lunch at pumpkin market


{Photo courtesy of Kath}

My buddies Sarah & Allie. <3 them.

sarah and allie at lunch

Brittany & Lauren.

brittany and lauren eating lunch

Would you believe this is the first time I’ve had seltzer water? I think it was the lime flavor that made it. 😉 Cold, fizzy, and refreshing.

lemon seltzer water

And then lunch arrived: a housemade bean burger with avocado, chickpea salad, and a fresh pickle.

bean burger & chickpea salad

The burger was great- a mix of different beans, some smashed, some not. It went great with the sliced avocado. It was a little squishy, making it hard to eat as a sandwich, but with a little help from a fork and all was good. Perhaps I should have gone with the burger-over-salad option.

vegetarian bean burger

The chickpea salad was my surprise favorite: tangy balsamic vinegar {I’m guessing?}, and red bell pepper and onion slices made it the perfect complement to the mild bean burger.

chickpea salad

I’d say it was a pretty good meal for a spur of the moment choice!


Are you a sandwich or a salad person?