Although I was more than uncomfortable the last few weeks before my munchkin was born, it took merely a few hours for the memory of pregnancy to start fading. It wasn’t the most pleasant 9 months, but without a doubt a journey I don’t want to forget. For all the morning sickness and aches and pains, I loved being pregnant. The feeling of my son kicking, squirming, and hiccupping in my belly was a priceless experience. I loved the anticipation of whether my baby was a boy or a girl, what he or she was going to look like, and what he or she would love to do as they grew up. I loved the instant conversation starter pregnancy gave me, and the shared connection with others going through the same journey.

picaboo photo book pregnancy

I documented the entire journey on my pregnancy blog, but that’s not something easy to go back and read. It can’t sit on my living coffee table or grace the shelves of the nursery. I have a collection of scrapbooks from college that I love to go back and look at from time to time when I see them sitting in the closet, but I have neither the time, energy, or desire to pick up that hobby again. I love the look of a scrapbook and the ability to add trinkets and memorabilia, but it doesn’t quite capture the feeling I was going for to document my pregnancy.

picaboo photo program

Instead I decided to make a pregnancy photo book on Picaboo. Since I already had all the photos I’d collected over the last 9 months, it was extremely easy to make. I downloaded the program, uploaded my photos, and got to work building my book. The program can build the book and organize the photos for you, but I loved taking the time to look back through each photo and decide where to put each one in the book. It’s easy to add custom backgrounds, add captions, and change the photo layout of each page.

building photo book

My plan was to have the entire book ready except for the very last photo: the birth announcement. But since my little boy had other plans, my plans for the book also changed. I continued to put the book together with pregnancy photos, but I couldn’t resist adding in the first six weeks of his life. Those first six weeks were beautiful, wonderful, difficult, rewarding, and trying. I never want to forget them.

custom photo book

You can view my photo book here!

I’ve already starting uploading more baby photos into the Picaboo program so I can be on top of things for the next baby book I make: the first 6 months and a year. If I can wait that long- knowing me I’ll probably make one every month. Smile

Thank you to Picaboo for allowing me the opportunity to document such a momentous occasion in this special way.