If I need to memorize a list of facts, equations, or dates, I can do it- no problem.

But when it comes to remember things that I’ve done, seen, or experienced, I tend to have some sort of selective amnesia. One thing I do remember, quite vividly, are summers spent sitting at the Inner Harbor with my best friends,our legs hanging over the ledge, eating lemon sticks.

peppermint lemon sticks

That just screams summer to me: watching the boats go by, seeing all the people running and skating, and the taste of a fresh lemon stick.

lemon stick peppermint straws

Apparently lemon sticks aren’t a popular thing. When I mention them people look at me like I’m a little wacko. Which I suppose I am, but not about this.

I don’t know why I never thought of making my own, but they’re super easy. You just need a juicy lemon, a peppermint stick, and a sharp knife.

peppermint straws

Roll the lemon between the palms of your hands, squeezing slightly to get the juices flowing. Cut a small hold in the peel near the top of the lemon, a little off to the side. Dig out a little bit of the lemon flesh with the knife to make room for the peppermint stick. Then slide the peppermint stick in to the lemon, as if it were a straw. You want to use the big thick peppermint sticks that dissolve easily- not the hard candy cane ones. It helps if you cut the ends of the peppermint stick so it’s easier to suck the lemon juice through without having to impatiently wait for it to start dissolving on it’s own.

lemon stick

I don’t know what it is about lemon and peppermint, but they sure do make a winning combination here.

lemon sticks

Even babies love them. Winking smile

happy babybaby eating lemon stick

Have you had a lemon stick?