Packing for an event that lasts 24 hours provides the opportunity to forget a lot of things.

Packing for a bike ride that lasts 24 hours results in a very odd assortment of those things.

bike stuff

Tomorrow begins my 24 hour bike riding event, aptly named 24 Hours of Booty. It’s a fundraiser to raise money for the fight against cancer. [Is “fundraiser to raise money” an oxymoron?]

‘24 hours’ is kind of misleading- I’ll be volunteering at packet pickup for 5 hours today, volunteering to help with set-up tomorrow from 8-12, then the ride is from 1pm to 1pm…aka 33 hours of my life will be about 24 Hours of Booty between now & Sunday.

Since I’ll be otherwise occupied, I started packing this morning. It’s the oddest collection of things I’ve ever packed for any athletic event- ever, ever.

bike gear

Bike Ride Packing List

Let’s see…there’s:

– A tent (in case by any chance I get to sleep)

– Multiple changes of clothes (sweating in 90 degrees for 24 hours? Gross.)

– Deodorant (see above)

– Water bottle, Camel Bak (gotta hydrate!)

– Bike lock (I doubt I need this—who wants to steal my bike? It’s the other people that should watch over their fancy schmancy bikes when I’m around ;))

– Tape (In hopes I can hold my crummy knee together long enough to ride)

– The Stick (because it’s the best thing since sliced bread foam rolling)

– Ice pack (noticing an injury theme yet?)

– Band aids

– Sunglasses

– Bike shoes

– Bike gloves

– Spare tubes

– Brush-ups (which I just happened to have in my suitcase- awesome)

– Headlight/tail light (so crazy 2am drivers can see me)

– Watch (so I can count down the hours? Maybe I should leave that at home….)

– Sweaty bands x2 (my absolute new favorite headband…see below)

booty gear

So I’m pretty much obsessed with headbands. My head of hair gives new meaning to the word “fly aways”, and I can’t stand having hair in my face- especially when running.

I literally always travel with an assortment of options:


I’ve tried Bondi Bands (which I like for winter but not summer), Under Armour elastics, Lululemon (which I like for daily wear but not sports), and now Sweaty Bands.

Lisa from Sweaty Bands sent me 2 to try out. I think she might secretly know me because I’m in love with the patterns she picked for me- the pink flowered one & the polka dot one, both above. Some of you saw the flowered one at HLS & asked about it!

sweaty bands

They have both thick and thin bands, and they both have a velvety underside that keeps the band in place but doesn’t tug at your hair. I’ve pulled them on & off over & over and they’ve yet to stretch out. I’ve been wearing the thin one to workout in (& hide a bad hair day), & the thick one is perfect for biking. (My helmet hair isn’t quite as bad when I have it on;)).

So hopefully having them this weekend will help me stay looking at least a little bit fresh & not like a disaster….ha.

I’ve also got a couple snacks packed, but luckily we get 3 meals (& midnight pizza!) while we’re there (& it looks like they have veggie options!) so we won’t starve- phew!

Have you ever done a 24 hour (or longer) event? Do you have any words of wisdom for me?! What am I forgetting?!!!