I’m a sucker for Starbucks lattes, but not so much for the prices…or having to drive to go get one.  I finally perfected my at-home version, foamed milk and all.



Here’s how:

First I brew a regular ol’ pot-o-coffee. Any way you like it.


While it’s brewing, I prepare my cup. I like about a half pack of Splenda, and a capful or two or this stuff:


Then comes the fun part. All you need is a jar or some kind of microwavable container with a securely fitting lid. I use a mason jar.


Fill ‘er up with however much milk you want in your cup. (I’m making enough for two cups in this example)


Put lid on tightly…then shake shake shake shake shake. (Good to get your blood flowing in the morning too! ;))

It should start foaming up. Keep going until it stays a little foaming when you stop shaking.

DSCN0974 DSCN0975

Remove lid; microwave 20-30 seconds. Use caution: may overflow:


Spoon milk froth into cups. Some milk will remain liquid. Pour into cup.



By this time your coffee should be done brewing. Pour coffee over milk. (If you really like your cup foamy, you can save a little foam to add on top. I don’t really love foam like that)


Latte served!!