Move over boring old gym – alternative workout and boutique fitness crazes have been popping up all over the nation. One of the ones I’ve had my eye on and been the most excited to try is Orangetheory Fitness and luckily it’s not just for big city dwellers anymore – it’s coming to the Triad!

About the Orangetheory Fitness workout:

Get ready for the most effective workout you have ever experienced. The intensity is based on your heart rate, so Orangetheory Fitness is for anyone – whether you are new to fitness or a professional athlete. Each class is different, and every session is energetic. The results? More energy, visible toning and extra calorie burn. We call it the “Orange Effect,” and it is the x-factor to a totally new you.

Orangetheory Fitness uses the science of Heart-Rate Based Treadmill Interval Training, the efficiency of Indoor Rowing for increased power and the proven concept of Weight Training Blocks to create the fitness level and body you have always desired. Workout and Weight Loss plateaus are a thing of the past…really!

what you need to know about orangetheory fitness

Orangetheory Fitness Greensboro is opening this summer! I had a chance to interview the owner Tom and here’s what he had to say about OrangeTheory and what makes it different.

Me: What should a client expect at their first class?

Tom: Every person who walks through our studio doors should expect to be greeted by one of our friendly staff members. We love meeting new people and we want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable in our studio. All first-time visitors to the studio should plan to arrive 30 minutes early so they can get fitted for and entered into our OTBeat heartrate monitor system, fill out the required paper work and to learn the basics of the workout. Before class starts. Participants will put on either a chest strap with our OTBeat heart-rate monitor or our OTBeat wristband heart rate monitor that can track your heart rate and progress throughout class. During class, participants workout to upbeat music and will be led through a variety of exercises by one of our professional fitness coaches. The coach leads the class through a motivational series of high-intensity interval training exercises on the treadmill, water rowers, with TRX straps and free weights. One thing we repeatedly hear from our members is how much they love being led through the exercises and not having to fumble through a gym with scary equipment on their own. The coaches make the whole workout easy to follow and fun! Just show up, follow their instruction and be done with your workout in one hour! After the workout, participants receive an email summary showing their performance and statistics from their workout, which helps monitor progress and results!

orangetheory fitness

Me: What do you need to wear or bring to class?

Tom: We recommend wearing comfortable workout clothing that you can move around easily in. It is required to wear close-toed shoes for safety reasons. We also suggest bringing a water bottle to stay hydrated as well as a sweat towel if you want one. We have water bottles and sweat towels available for purchase in case you forget! We provide lockers to store any bags, jackets or other items. Our studio will also have showers, so participants are welcome to bring any shower items they desire to use after a good workout!

Me: Is Orangetheory Fitness scalable to different levels?

Tom: Absolutely! We routinely train all fitness levels. One of the main things that makes Orangetheory Fitness so unique is the individualized attention our expert trainers provide members with. They work with members and guests of all ages, sizes and fitness levels to maximize each workout, while also having fun. Yes, working out can be fun! Our workouts are designed to give all participants a great workout, but we always encourage everyone to go at a pace they feel comfortable with. The technology we use in the studio helps both the participant and the trainer monitor performance throughout each class, so participants can see their heart rate and calories burned in real time and adjust their intensity accordingly as needed.

Me: Are there alternatives/modifiers for injuries or different fitness situations?

Tom: Yes! Every exercise we do has an alternative. Our smaller class sizes allow our expert trainers to closely monitor each participant’s form and assist them with any adjustments that need to be made. At some of our other studios, we have members with knee, back and hip trouble and they are still able to get a great workout with the adjustments and guidance provided by our trainers. We simply ask that any injuries or special situations be shared with the trainer ahead of time before class starts.

orange theory fitness greensboro

Me: What will your local package options be and will you have childcare options?

Tom: There are several different membership options and class package options to meet anyone’s needs. From now until our grand opening, we will have special discounts for our Founding members, so come lock those in soon before they’re gone! We do not have any long term commitments; we just have a 30-day notice so you can adjust the membership that works best for you. For specific details, please stop by our studio preview location in the Westover Gallery of Shops or give us a call at (336) 346-2977. We do have childcare discounts worked out with some great local drop-in childcare locations! We will offer several classes during the day for parents of school-aged children, as well as evening and weekend classes, so everyone can come get in the Orange Zone when it’s convenient for them.

Me: What made you choose to open an Orangetheory Fitness?

Tom: My wife joined as a founding member in Phoenix Arizona, and she encouraged me to take a class. We have both been in the medical industry for our whole careers and we really appreciated the science behind the workouts and how effective they were. It is our goal to help change people’s lives for the better, and I love that Orangetheory Fitness allows us to do that. I’m amazed by the science and research that has gone into developing these workouts and I’m inspired by the stories of members and trainers from other Orangetheory Fitness locations across the nation. We are excited to officially open our doors in Greensboro soon!

orangetheory fitness

Me: What makes Orangetheory Fitness different from other group exercise classes?

Tom: First and foremost, the science behind the Orangetheory Fitness workouts makes it so much more than just another group exercise class. The workouts change every day and are specifically designed to give each individual maximum results all in just 1 hour. The technologies we use take all the guesswork out of working out. Secondly, our studios are committed to our members and our communities. We engage with members through in-studio programs and contests to make our team feel like a family and to invest in their lives beyond a one-hour workout. We also feel passionately about being a part of our towns and cities, and we often attend local events and festivals, where we love to see our members out and about. We plan to get involved with local nonprofits and silent auctions as well to give back to our community.

Me: What do you hope clients get out of it?

Tom: a. First off I hope members will achieve their personal health and fitness goals, for some people that means weight loss and for others it’s toning up, improving their endurance or gaining strength. Whatever it is, we’re excited to meet people where they are and work with them to help them reach their goals. It is all about changing habits and creating a healthy life style.

b. I also hope members develop a routine where they enjoy the camaraderie with other members and really look forward to the time they spend at Orangetheory Fitness. It’s important for me that members see us as their allies to cheer them along, push them in classes and celebrate with them as they succeed!

Me: How often do you need to go to class to get the most benefit?

Tom: We recommend attending at least three classes a week to see maximum results for most people. If weight loss is the goal then we like to see our members three to four times per week. Classes will be offered seven days a week, so there’s lots of class time options to choose from.

Me: What is your opening date?

Tom: We are planning to open in the end of June or early July 2016, but stay tuned for an exact grand opening date and party details!

For more information about Orangetheory Fitness Greensboro, feel free to stop by our pre-sale location at 1410 Westover Terrace, suite 100 B or give us a call at 336-346-2977. We’d also welcome you to visit our website or


I can’t wait for the Orangetheory doors to open – now who’s coming with me?!