Five coffee-related things no coffee lover should live without. {Also see my fave hack for bullet*proof coffee.}

It’s National Coffee Day!

Now, admittedly I’m not usually into “National Whatever Days” – there are about 10 any given day every day of the week so it kind of loses it’s flavor. But. but but.

Coffee & I are BFFs. Soo I thought I’d share some of my favorite coffee-related things with you.

Here goes:

Cold-brew coffee. {Cold-brew? Cold-brewed? I have an inner debate with myself every time I say it.} I was obsessed with cold-brew coffee before it was even a thing. Heck, now you can just buy it that way, you don’t even have to brew it, but that’s boring. For years, I used my own hodge-podge method that took awhile and made a little bit of a mess but was totally worth it. You can see how I used to make homemade cold-brew coffee here. Now I use this snazzy cold brew coffee maker from OXO Good Grips which makes a heck of a lot less mess.

how to make cold brew coffee

Reusable K-cups. {It goes without saying here that a Keurig single cup brewer tops my “coffee favorites” list, mostly because the husband and I have seriously different coffee preferences and we were constantly switching out pots of coffee.} Anyways. These are actually my second favorite reusable K-cup, as they don’t seem to make my faves anymore. Womp womp. But these Brewooze reusable K-cups are great and come in fun colors, so I can pre-fill cups at night and have them color-coded to know what kind of coffee is inside in my morning haze.

reusable k cups

Glass coffee cup. I love this Joco cup not only because it’s reusable, but it looks cool too. Plus it’s chemical free and dishwasher safe <—bonus over most stainless steel. I use it for hot and cold and have to fight my three year old for it, likely because of the fun color. {They even make reusable carrier trays, how cool is that?} And hey, saves you 10 cents at Starbucks.


Peet’s Coffee. As much as I love coffee, I’m not as much of a brand/roast snob as you might think. I just like it bold and dark. The only time this is an issue is when it comes to decaf. I know there’s a whole population of people out there that think decaf’s a joke, but what’s a caffeine-limited pregnant or breastfeeding coffee lover to do? Switch to decaf after that first glorious cup. And it’s probably those same people that assume if you’re enough of a wuss to drink decaf, you want it to be weak and lame too. Not me. I still want it as bold and dark as ever. Peet’s Decaf Major Dickason blend is the best bold-decaf I’ve found so far. If you have other favorites please do tell.

peet's decaf coffee bold roast

KIND Caramel Macchiato Bars. Ok these aren’t really coffee, but they have a coffee flavor and go really well with a cup of joe. Also, I get to keep them to myself because my three year old knows that “coffee is only for grown ups”. #ihatesharing


What are your favorite coffee things?