What makes for a perfect Mother’s Day Brunch? Cocktails and sweets, of course!

Usually there’s only one foodie-type holiday a month. New Years. Valentine’s. St. Patty’s. Thanksgiving.  You get the idea.

mother's day brunch

But May has a multitude: Mother’s Day, my birthday, Memorial Day… Oh, my birthday isn’t on your list? 😉

We start the month off honoring moms with breakfasts, brunches, and lunches, and we close May out with the official kick off to summer. Although I wouldn’t mind if summer just kicked itself off now, with open pools and fired up grills. The 90 degrees can hold off though.

Anyways, what better way to honor mom than giving her a shift off of meal prep? {Ok, perhaps a weekend off or {amd?} a massage would top that.} But let’s at least start with a nice breakfast. Better yet, brunch, so mom can sleep in. {ha.}

Here are are 12 of my favorite brunch-esque recipes that would be perfect for Mother’s Day, or any special occasion. From scones to cinnamon rolls and even some {ok a lot of} brunch-appropriate cocktails, here you go!

Visit the collection above on Foodie to find the sources and recipes!


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How are you celebrating Mother’s Day?