Live Writer and I are still enemies. Gr. I wasn’t on the ball Sunday- it was way too nice outside to be stuck at the computer any longer than necessary- but here’s my weekly round up of all the lovely interweb things I’ve been reading and writing this week. Warning: most of these will immediately make you start salivating, but a couple might make you hesitate to ever touch processed food again.

cool kid


Ashley’s no bake layer bars sound so good. They’re even vegan & gluten free, and they inspired {another} Ashley to make these delicious sounding bars.

Madeline makes it sound way too easy. Must get on the ball. Winking smile

Yum. My sweet tooth doesn’t stand a chance this week.

Like Fig Newtons, only better.

These are an absolute must this spring. I’m going to my first Kentucky Derby party this {another Junior League Showhouse event}, so I think it’s only fitting I make these.


42 of the most disgusting things allowed in your food. And there’s more.

We’ve barely gotten used to spring, but with summer-like temperatures you better start thinking about how to beat the heat during your next run.

How to make shopping for dinner more than a just chore: go to the farmers’ market.

Take a lesson from the kiddos: Mommas needs to enjoy the small things too.


Stumble across anything share-worthy this weekend?