//We moved! Well our stuff did anyways – it’s not quite ready for us just yet. After three weeks of projectsand fixes    {that luckily other people did for us}, we finally reached move-in stage. There’s still some work to be done but the rest we can do while living there and can do most of ourselves. Good thing I’m a fan of projects.

moving day pod

//Amazon Prime. Have you heard about Amazon Prime Day? It’s supposed to be like Black Friday but in the middle of the summer {7/15}. I’m seriously considering doing all my Christmas shopping in July so I can check it off the list. Family and friends be warned, tell me what’s on your list now or forever hold your peace.

If you use Amazon at all, stop trying to make your shopping cart equal $35 by ordering extra stuff and just fork over the money for Prime. I’m a cheapo at heart and I promise it’s totally worth it to have stuff show up at your door two days later. {Ooooor you can just sign up for a free 30 day trial and make sure it includes July 15th. Sneaky sneaky.} <~ not an ad, just seriously excited. Probably because we have a lot of stuff to buy for our house projects.

amazon prime day july 15

//Cracked pepper popcorn. I’m not really a pepper or a popcorn girl, but for some reason this hits the spot for me. I found it on the clearance rack at Homegoods of all places and went back to buy three more bags.

pepper popcorn chia pop //Spafinder cards. No, I’m not a spa girl, but these gift cards are the best because they can be used in a million different places including a bunch of fitness boutiquey places. They are the sole reason I can afford Pure Barre classes and my mom’s the best because she just bought me some more because she loves me. Winking smile

Time to go move some more stuff…