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If I have too much of anything in my closet, it’s shoes. Not heels and boots and sandals, but sneakers. Loads and loads of sneakers. Running shoes. Walking shoes. Gym shoes. Lifting shoes. Dance shoes. Whatever the event, I’ve got the shoe.

Yet I always want to try more, especially when it comes to running. While running is supposed to the sport you don’t need any equipment for, if you’re a runner  you know it isn’t true. Your shoe of choice can literally make or break you. And trust me, I’ve been broken.

I was always vigilant about making sure I was in the right shoe, but since injuring my knee a couple years ago I’ve been pretty much insane about it. I don’t dare let them my shoes get worn out or too much mileage and I would occasionally beg my physical therapist to watch me run in a new pair before I hit the pavement with them.

mizuno wave rider 18 review

Lately I’ve been running in the the Mizuno Wave Rider 18 {which they sent me}. I used to be a huge Inspire-aholic until I figured out post-injury that I actually did better in a neutral sure. Enter the Wave Rider. I was equally nervous and eager to try out the 18s because the 17s failed me – they were super comfy to walk around in but way too cushy and supportive for me as a running shoe.

mizuno running shoes

The 18 got it right. Comfortable without being overly padded. Structured without being restrictive. True to fit. And NOT pink. Winking smile {Though there is a pink version. and blue.}

mizuno wave rider 18

They ride low on the ankle {something I’m super picky about} and don’t push arch in weird ways. {Super descriptive, I know.} The rise of the heel is a little bit more built up than I tend to like, but it hasn’t been giving me any problems thus far and I’m almost starting to get used to it.

Official details:

  • Women’s shoe is 7.8oz with 12mm ramp // Men’s is 9.2oz with 12mm ramp
  • MSRP: $119.99 // Released Oct. 2, 2014
  • The aim of this shoe is to balance fit & performance – it’s a neutral shoe with enough support for a range of runners. Lightweight, responsive,

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Do you have a go-to running shoe? Are you loyal to one brand or do you brand-hop based on the shoe?