Oh hey, have you heard? It’s raining. A lot. Everywhere. Definitely here.

While the effects of the hurricane didn’t come inland as far as they’d projected, it was definitely a soaking, sopping, windy, wet weekend that required hibernating indoors and cranking up a fire for the first time in our new house.

Soccer was cancelled for the 18th time in a row {ok, 2nd} and I still don’t own a raincoat. Also, am I the only person in the world who loathes their Hunter rain boots? That’s why I don’t usually jump on trends…

Since we were stuck indoors anyways {outside of a few puddle-frolicks}, I took the opportunity to hang a bunch of shelves and pictures that have just been sitting around since we moved in waiting for me to decide where to put them. I stopped over thinking it and just put a bunch of holes in the freshly-painted walls and decided to live with it. I just need to find curtains for the baby’s nursery and I can claim partial-doneness {and let’s be honest, that’s about as done as I get anything}. We might have played a round or two of toilet paper bowling turned toilet paper dodgeball…

toilet paper dodge ball rainy day games

Now despite my desire to live on nothing but chili and soup alone, I should probably not overdose on those before it actually gets cold. For the record, I like it cold, just not also soaking wet. So here’s the line up for this week’s menu, after I deleted a fourth {and fifth} bowl of chili.

Healthy weekly meal plan ideas for the whole family. Allergy friendly.

Monday // Meatless Monday

Burrito bowls with black beans, fajita veggies, cilantro lime rice, and guac. I usually use homemade salsa roja and roasted corn salsa, but I think I’m feeling the jarred variety this week. {So good with this copy-cat Moe’s queso blancodairy-free queso blanco version too!}


Thai Chicken Meatballs. I’m a sucker for peanut sauce.


Homemade pizzas. {We use Daiya cheese & Bob’s Red Mill Pizza Crust mix to make them gluten free and dairy free.}


Southwestern potato skins. Minus the cheese and sour cream.  {This is the part where the husband groans and I threaten he can deal or starve. I’m such a loving wife.}


Out Smile

meal plan monday dinner ideas

I also really want to make these gluten-free vegan chocolate chip bagels. Ok, my three year old really wants me to make them, and I feel almost ambitious enough to oblige. I’m nervous though, I’ve made regular whole grain bagels and I’ve made gluten-free dough- I can’t imagine working with gluten-free dough well enough to make circles and have them hold up to boiling… Anybody tried it? Also, it’s worth noting that pumpkin cream cheese is the best ever, and I don’t like cream cheese.

Also, I ‘scoped for the first time. {That’s what the cool kids are calling it.} I feel safe telling you this because it’s been over 24 hours and it’s gone foreverrrrr. {*crosses fingers and hope I’ve done math right.*} Do you use Periscope? Share your profile in the comments so I can come stalk you I mean follow you.


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What are you eating this week?