Last month I successfully ran a 5K {which was rugged and awesome} after 10 months of being sidelined with a knee injury.

rugged maniac mud run 5k

It got me all excited that I was “back”- I could finally run again. I contemplated whether to take the plunge for an Olympic triathlon I was signed up for, but ultimately decided to stick with a sprint until I was sure I was healed.

And then I never talked about it again. Why? Because I’m still having trouble running. Sometimes I run a mile to test my knee and it feels great- I decide I’m ready to start running again and come up with a back-to-running plan in my head. Then a few days later, I try to run another mile, and I can’t make it without significant pain, and then it hurts to walk for a few days. Extremely frustrating.

So instead of continuing the pattern of run well- don’t run well, I’ve stopped focusing so much on the running. Though I’ve been doing my physical therapy exercises religiously, I realized most of my other leg muscles have atrophied away from the almost-year-off I’ve taken from running {and other weight-bearing activities}.

IT band syndrome

The many muscles in your legs all work together to protect you and support your knees and other joints. Instead of jumping back into running and risk hurting something else or prolonging this injury anymore, I’m taking a break from thinking about when I’m going to be “a runner” again.

I’ve been focusing on strength training and building back up the strength in my legs, in hope that a stronger “support” system will make my knee happier.

body pump weight lifting class

My gym’s Body Pump copy cat class, called Power X, has been my new best friend. I’ve filled in the gaps between classes I can make it to {and instructors I like} with kettlebells, which I’m completely obsessed with these days.

There was a great kettlebell session at Fitbloggin {and I won a kettlebell!}, so I’ll work on putting that info together with what I’ve been doing and do a post on it soon. Smile

kettlebells for strength training

Strength training can be a little harder to keep up with than running since it takes a little bit more effort than running out the door, and you have to modify your plan when you travel, unless lugging weights with you is your idea of a workout…

What’s your favorite way to strength train? What about when traveling and when your busy?