You would think I’d have fit every single last detail into my incessant rambling of a recap of 24 Hours of Booty.

But no, there are a few important ones I left out. One important one, really.

You knew that our original team of three expanded to four this year to include the husband {who incidentally has yet to decide if a 24 hour bike ride is insane or awesome}…

24 hours of booty team a la vie

{still the only team picture I have}

… but we also had a fifth teammate.

The husband stepped up to the plate by raising money {ok, I might have done that for him} and riding his bike for 41 miles without complaining. {His mileage goal: beat me. Check.}

But our fifth teammate slacked off a little bit. Our fifth teammate didn’t raise any money, and our fifth teammate didn’t ride a single mile on their own. In fact, our fifth teammate was who stopped me from riding when the ever so hot sun started beating down on us.

You might call our fifth teammate a little bit of a slacker; but we say we’re happy to have that fifth person on our team year after year after year…