The day is here: it’s time for a 24 hour bike ride!

24 hours of booty bike ride

24 Hours of Booty is a unique event were cyclists of all ages and abilities gather together and ride their bikes for 24 hours, all in the name of fighting cancer.

The 24 Hours of Booty is an
extraordinary cycling event that
is safe, fun, and open to all levels
of cycling ability, while bringing
cancer awareness to the community
and raising funds for noteworthy
cancer charities.

Last year, my mom and I participated in this event in the town I grew up in. This year we’re headed to Charlotte, the place where it all started 10 years ago.

24 hours of booty 10 year anniversary

This year’s already shaping up to be an adventure due to the record breaking heat that seems to be sweeping the country.

At a temperature almost 10 degrees hotter than usual, it’ll make for an interesting ride.

charlotte weather forecast heat advisory

It’s so hot, in fact, the event organizers have issued a code red warning implying the potential for dangerous course conditions and are stressing the importance of safety, hydration, slowing down and taking care of yourself.

code red course system alert

course status warning system

If it bumps up to black, the ride is shut down. Fingers crossed the heat’s not only bearable, but that the course stays open!


What’s a 24 Hour Bike Ride?

A 24 hour bike ride isn’t the most standard of events, and I’ve gotten a lot of questions about it.

How does it work?

24 Hours of Booty in Charlotte is a 2.97 mile loop around a neighborhood called Myers Park. While it’s open to traffic, lanes are blocked off and well marked for riders.

You can ride the loop as many or as few times as you want over the course of 24 hours. There’s no winner; there’s no set distance goal; there’s no minimum requirement to ride. It’s just about riding, having fun, and raising money for cancer.

the booty loop charlotte nc

Where do you go when you’re not riding?

Home base is called “Bootyville”. It’s full of tents and tables for eating, vendor booths, and a huge campground for all our tents.

bootyville campground charlotte nc

Where do you sleep?

Most people stay in tents on a field in Bootyville. Some people head home for the night or grab some sleep in an air conditioned hotel. Staying overnight’s half the fun though. Winking smile

What do you eat?

Lots and lots of food. There are at least 4 meals served; usually 5. If you volunteer before the event like we do, tack on another meal to that. The Charlotte event is 7pm to 7pm, so they serve dinner, a midnight pizza party, an early riser breakfast, breakfast, and lunch. The food is provided by local restaurants. Of course there’s snacks and drinks galore to be found in between.

24 hour bike ride meal schedule

There’s always a chance to grab something and refuel- you burn a lot of calories in 24 hours!

How far do you ride?

As far as you want! Last year I rode 50+ miles. I’m hoping for a little more this year. Some people ride 300 or more!

Do you have to do the whole 24 hours?

Nope. In fact, the Charlotte ride is so popular they have a special event called “Reboot”, where riders can sign up to join the course during the day on the second day of the ride.

24 hours of booty charlotte schedule

How many people do it?

Charlotte, the largest of the 3 events, has 1,200 riders this year {plus 300 volunteers}.

A little perspective? That’s 1,500 people lining up in Bootyville. That’s how many people die each day from cancer. And that’s why these events are so important.

How much money does it raise?

Charlotte has already passed the amazing milestone of ONE MILLION dollars this year, and the event hasn’t even started. That’s beyond impressive, considered the grand total raised so far is $6 million.

24hob raises over $6 million dollars

What in the world do you pack?

Lots.of.stuff. A tent, sleeping bags, bikes, helmets, shoes, clothes, and more.

Here’s a list of what I brought last year.

bike stuff to pack for 24 hour ride

This year’s essentials are parred down a little thanks to experience.  I’m loading up on a few extras though, like ZICO coconut water, Arctic Ease ice compresses {in case the knee or ankle flare up}, and Grease Monkey wipes to clean up messy hands after messing with bike chains, etc.

packing for bike ride

bike helmet and shoes

camelbacks with coconut watergrease monkey wipesarctic ease wrapscamelbacks for hydration

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So, there you have it, a 24 hour bike ride. Now it’s time to toss the bikes on the car and head to Charlotte for a day of volunteering, and then tonight it’s time to ride!

Whew, good thing I carbo-loaded on salted caramel shortbread last night!



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