It’s really no surprise to anyone when I get sunburned within in minutes of stepping outside. I think I’ve even gotten sunburnt in the middle of winter before.

I’ve pretty much got a routine down now that I’m older and wiser. It basically involves slathering myself in sunscreen even before I go outside, and then again every 30 minutes or less. Needless to say I go through a lot of sunscreen.

Although I wasn’t expecting much sun this past weekend in CT, my routine was no different- I applied sunscreen frantically all day long. And I still got burnt.

It made me wonder if the can of sunscreen I grabbed from the depths of the bathroom sink had gone bad over the winter and I wasn’t protecting myself at all, so when I got home I did some research.

Turns out the sunscreen I was using was pretty stable, so it was just me and my uncanny ability to burn anywhere, any time. But what I did find was even more frightening.

neutrogena sunscreen

My skin is super, super sensitive to sunscreen, so I use Neutrogena. For years I used to Water Babies because sunscreen hurt so bad to put on, but then Neutrogena came out with their “cooling mist” sunscreen and it rocked.

Until now.

The Environmental Work Group rates products on their toxicity in a number of areas. They give each product a rating from 0-10, 0 being safe and 10 being high risk. Their Skin Deep cosmetics database rates all things cosmetic- from makeup to lotion to perfume and more.

beauty supplies

Guess what the Neutrogena sunscreen was? A SEVEN.

environmental work group skin deep cosmetic database neutrogena sunscreen

skin deep sunscreen toxicity ratings

Of course this makes me wonder about the other stuff I’m putting on my skin.

My shaving cream that I naively thought was safe because it said it was paraben-free? Not in the system, but the company as a whole is rated 1-6. 1 I’m ok with- 6 I’m not.

eos shaving cream

My face wash? The exact one I use isn’t listed- but 3 similar ones are and they’re a 5, 6, and 7.

neutrogena oil free acne wash redness soothing

My deodorant- a 4 or 5.

degree ultra clear deodorant

My makeup, at least is safe. Although I don’t wear makeup more often than I do, so that wouldn’t have been a huge concern.

Fullscreen capture 632011 90136 AM

I switched to toxin-free household cleaners earlier this year, which I’m really happy about, but maybe it’s time to look at more than just my cleaning supplies…

shaklee toxin free house cleaning supplies

Considering how much sunscreen I use, all year round, but especially in the hot months of summer, it’s time to find some new sunscreen to be loyal to. Adios, Neutrogena.


Do you pay attention to what ingredients you use on your skin? What about in your home?