Two things I did to end that constant, gnawing pregnancy hunger while maintaining optimal nutrition.

I’ve always been a snacker. It doesn’t matter how big my meals are, I simply can’t go hours and hours between eating. I’ll never be a three square meals a day girl – even four doesn’t cut it. I’m completely and 100% okay with this and have gotten used to always having snacks on hand and knowing I’m probably going to want to eat before anyone else is ready.

How to end that constant, gnawing pregnancy hunger.

Despite this being my “usual” eating style, pregnancy has brought on a whole new level of hunger: a constant, incessant need to eat. Pregnancy hunger is real, y’all. And not just because I want to or have a craving or feel like I can, I’m really truly hungry. Even accounting for the extra calories needed in pregnancy {boy do I wish that eating for two thing was true}, I was still always hungry. {And even in the throes of the worst morning sickness, I was still hungry, how cruel is that? Or rather not hungry but always needing to eat…}

how i squelched my non stop pregnancy hunger

But back to pregnancy hunger – it was driving me absolutely crazy. No matter what I was eating or how frequently, I could never squelch the hunger. And trust me, hunger + pregnancy do not mix. Eventually after experimenting and searching and more experimenting I found two things that worked together to help keep the hunger and constant need to snack at bay. {Don’t get me wrong – I’m still eating and snacking plenty! It’s just helped eliminate that incessant gnawing in my belly even right after a meal. And also don’t get me wrong, I still am and will always be a fan of 2nd breakfast.}

#1. Fat first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Specifically in the form of what’s known as “bullet /// proof” coffee. {<—side note: writing it funny because I once got threatening lawyer letters because that name is copywrited and I’m not using their brand. Word to the wise if you ever write about this stuff.}

coffee butter cubes for crushing hunger

Pregnancy and coffee and any words involving bullet and proof probably don’t seem to go together, but since about the middle of the second trimester I’ve been able to tolerate coffee again {those were sad sad days in the beginning}. I stick to one cup of the regular stuff then switch to decaf. Don’t hate on the decaf.

But back to the fat. Fat helps keep you full; no secret there. But something about having it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach has helped me more than the most fad-loaded, protein-loaded breakfast I can make.

coffee butter cubes recipe to decrease hunger

I use a combination of coconut oil and clarified butter {I clarify it because I am still mostly dairy-free after eliminating while breastfeeding my intolerant son – I learned I do better without it as well}. Instead of adding to the work I need to do to get that first cup of coffee and an ungodly am hour, I prep it all ahead of time by putting it in an ice cube tray {I love these push-pop silicone ice cube trays} and keeping it in the freezer. Then I just pop a circle in my cup and brew the coffee on top so it melts.

butter and coconut oil cubes for staving off hunger

making clarified butter to remove dairy proteins

#2. This seems gimmicky but I’m being honest when I say it really has made an impact. I can’t narrow it down to exactly what factor is key, but adding protein powders + meal replacements to my drinks (or even oatmeal) has reduced my snacky-cravings and desire to eat all-freaking-day-long immensely. I typically reach for Orgain plant-based powder, but I’ve been known to get a little wild in the protein sample aisle. I can feel like a normal human being and eat every few hours instead of every few minutes. It’s admittedly pricey, but adds up to less than all the packaged snacks I was eating, and adds up to less than if I buy every ingredient separately and mix it together myself. Plus I’m lazy. The only part that stinks is that the three year old and the husband are addicted now too and I’m forced to share. I may or may not hide it wayyyy in the back of the cabinet and claim we’re out. Shh don’t tell.

shakeology vegan chocolate for pregnancy hunger

So I still snack plenty and listen to my body {aka eat when I’m hungry}, but I finally feel so much more normal and less low-sugar shaky and grumpy. You’re welcome, husband.

shakeology pregnancy

Any other tricks for putting a lid on constant pregnancy hunger? Or regular snack attacks?