If it’s anything like mine, very slowly!! It’s been a long process getting everything ready, but I’m happy to report my garden is fully planted!! Now I just hope it grows….

North Carolina has a poor excuse for soil. Soil isn’t even really an accurate term- clay would be more appropriate. It’s hard and unfriendly, but I was determined to make it work.

I decided raised beds would be the way to go. A raised garden bed is a great way to get around native soil problems, they keep the soil warmer so you can plant earlier, and they drain well.

I built mine out of landscaping timbers- not the prettiest, but certainly cheaper than cedar. (Cedar is probably the best choice- it’s naturally rot resistant & helps repel bugs.) You can use whatever material you want, as long as it’s not pressure treated. (That could put nasty chemicals in your food.)

wood for garden beds

The husband was oh-so-happy I had a project for him. 😉

He was quite reluctant to give up yard space, but using my master negotiating skills I finally convinced him to give me a little space. They’re a bit on the small side, but I don’t even know if I can grow anything, so that’s ok.

(This part was a little scary for me- we were trying to stake the beds into the ground, and the wood kept popping up. I had to stand right next to where the husband was “hammering” (with an ax) to weight the bed down. Yikes!)

ax coming at me


raised garden bed

Now it was time to get some soil. If anybody ever told me I was going to pay money for dirt, I would have thought they were crazy. Apparently they’re not.

So many choices!!

dirt for garden

I went with a combination of organic planting soil &  cow manure. (Yup, that’s right.) If you have compost to mix in, that would be ideal.

seedings sprouting

My seedlings are just now sprouting. They’re not quite ready to be planted yet, so I got some backups.

pepper seedlings

After adding dirt (and poo) it was time to lay out the garden. I tried to follow the directions on the seed packets for spacing, but I kinda just put them where I thought would be good.

getting ready to plant

I love how different all the seeds look! All three of these are for different types of greens, but they’re all so unique!

spinach seeds arugula seeds lettuce seeds

garden bed

All planted!!

I ended up planting sweet potatoes, bell peppers (red & orange), carrots, broccoli, and greens: spinach, arugula, and lettuce (black seeded simpson).

Do you have a garden? Any tips? 🙂