I wasn’t kidding when I said I was off to make candy corn.

Make candy corn I did:

vegan candy corn

The little candy pumpkins are my favorite, so of course I had to make those too.

homemade candy corn

It wasn’t a pretty process.


But the end result? Vegan, non-hydrogenated, sugary goodness.

homemade halloween pumpkin candy

Worth it? Negative. But at least I know it can be done.

What was worth it: a Halloween hike to Pilot Mountain.


3.3 miles to the summit? Sure, no problem. We found the blue dots and got to hiking.

Only they conveniently waited until the end of the trail to mention this:


Umm, sure, ok….


We’d gotten this far, we were gonna see that summit.


The end of that hike was no joke. But we made it!!!


Much prettier when I’m not blocking the view.



All the husband wanted the whole hike was a drink. I brought snacks but no drinks. (I had no idea what we were getting into.) About an hour into the hike,  he kept saying he wished there was a Mountain Dew machine at the top.

Well, ask and you shall receive:


We thought up was hard. Down was ridiculous. There’s a reason the knee doc said no hills…oops.


The end.

Time to go refuel with candy corn.

homemade halloween candy