I feel a little bit like I’m emerging from a long hibernation.

I kicked off the holiday festivities with a doozy of a stomach bug that left me horizontal for 2 days and barely functioning for almost 7. Thank goodness for the extra hands on deck to help with the little one or I’d probably be in a coma by now.

As I slowly came back to life I realized all my websites had crashed {business & blogs}. Merry Christmas.

I know you were all at the edge of your seats waiting for it to come back up. {sarcasm}.

It took a week of pestering tech support over and over again to finally get things up and running again, minus my last few posts. Oy vey. Hopefully things are working now. Fingers crossed.

The break from the internet was rather welcome, although I also felt a little something missing. What is it about sharing random thoughts and happenings on the interwebs that’s so cathartic and satisfying? Gotta love the 21st century.

I’m not going to worry about playing catch up on the posts & things that got deleted or I skipped do to the plague, but here’s a couple end-of-year musings:

+ My blog used to be a little more personal, then it got not so personal, and now I’m thinking maybe going back to the old ways a little. It’s kind of boring just to write about food and food alone. I need to let go of the fact that every post doesn’t have to have a purpose that appeals to everybody.

+ I might sneak in a make-up Christmas post before the year ends, but we’ll see if I get around to downloading pictures by then.

+ Does anybody ever write a year-in-review post that is like “boy, 2012 really sucked”?

+ I am as sick of hearing about my knee not working as you are. I’m back in therapy for it. More about that some other time, but boy do I love my chiropractor.

+ Maybe one day I’ll be able to register for a race and actually run it. We were supposed to do the Lifetime Fitness Commitment 5K as a family on Tuesday, but they moved the start time up by 2 hours at the last minute I’m not sure we can get there in time. I refuse to wake the baby up any earlier than he already gets up on his own.

+ I’ve been playing with my new Polar FT40 Heart Rate Monitor and I’m in love.

+ We’ve almost survived our first year in parenting. Wow. A week and half to go. I’m so not ready for my baby to be a toddler.

+ I’ll end with just one cute Christmas picture, because how can I not?

baby's first christmas

Hope you all had happy holidays full of family, friends, and fun- minus the stomach flu!