1. The food not only rocks, it’s healthy too. Plus vegetarian & vegan options galore.


The Arnold/Orowheat lunch was stocked with veggie options like marinated tofu, grilled veggies, and quinoa edamame salad. Proving yet again there’s more to veggies than salad. (That lemon bar was divine as well.;))

veggie tray

The Athenos snack break offered more than just feta- veggies, pita chips, and hummus too. (I didn’t even know they made hummus- it was fantastic, especially the roasted red pepper. Shocker I know since that’s my favorite hummus flavor of all time.)


2. Breakfast includes making your own cream cheese recipe.

thomas bagelcream cheese chefs

You picked fresh ingredients & chefs mixed them into your choice of regular or reduced fat cream cheese at the Thomas’ breakfast.

cream cheese mix ins

I’m not even a cream cheese fan, but this was such a cool idea I had to go for it.

cream cheese recipe

My mix included shredded carrots, sundried tomatoes, jalapenos, walnuts, green apples, & capers. Don’t knock it til you try it. It rocked.

3. Nobody blinks when you take a picture of a “Chicago Works Out” stamp on the sidewalk

working out chicago

Cool, no? 😉

4. Healthy samples get snatched up faster than you can say probiotics.

attune bars

Attune bars & granola, an alternative to eating yogurt for those ever-important probiotics. I even won a bag of apple cinnamon granola- score!

5. This many people get up before 8am to run or walk.

That’s more than just a handful of people ready to get their fitness on. Pretty great if I don’t say.

fun run

My knee injury had me bummed out yet again when I realized I’d be with a group of fitness enthusiasts and automatic running buddies and wouldn’t be able to take advantage of it.

But look how many people wanted to walk!

walking group

Nothing like an hour long pre-breakfast stroll through a gorgeous city to get your blood pumping. 🙂 The only thing missing was an iced coffee.

walking in city

Perhaps adding a morning walk to my non-running recovery routine wouldn’t be such a bad thing?!


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