“So, I guess it’s going to be a boring New Year’s Eve for us?” The husband didn’t even need to finish his sentence before I was laughing. I will certainly not be staying up until midnight this year unless it’s to feed a baby {in case you missed it, we gave a newborn babe in the house}. 

But, that doesn’t mean the holiday has to be boring. I jokingly told the husband we should celebrate at 12 noon instead of 12 midnight. Thinking I was clever for a minute I said “oo, we can call it Noon Year’s Eve!”, but I quick perusal of the internet let me know that I’m not in fact clever, creative, or original. Maybe next time. 

Although the general consensus of Noon Year’s Eve is that it’s for kids – you know the ones that shouldn’t stay up til midnight, not full grown adults that are just too old and tired. But regardless, that’s how we’re celebrating this year and that’s that. 

Since we’ve established I’m a bit tired this year, you won’t be surprised that I don’t plan on pulling out all the entertainment stops this time around. Here are a couple little-to-no prep, hassle free snacks for holiday entertaining {or any day}.
First up, a tried and true favorite: spinach dip. I make my “mom’s recipe” aka what’s on the back of the Knorr vegetable soup mix {minus the sour cream}. I’m not exaggerating when I say my three year old cries when this is gone. Veggies for the win. 


Next, another household staple at all times: flavored nuts. Somehow the flavored versions make potentially boring old nuts a delicious and exciting snack. This honey roasted flavor from Blue Diamond provides just the hint of sweetness that satisfies my cravings without being loaded with sugar, plus I love the tiny hint of saltiness paired with the honey flavor. 

{I seriously almost ate the whole container before getting a chance to snap a picture. And no, I didn’t share. Shh.}

Then there’s my fave easy prep meal: nachos! Dairy free for the munchkin and I, and when he’s lucky, the real deal for the husband. Nacho bars are a great way to feed a bunch of people without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. 

Last up, trail mix, the long forgotten snack food. We made this holiday version for KB’s class party {I was determined not to serve a room full of preschoolers a boatload of sugar} and it was a big hit. It’s just Chex, gluten free pretzels, popcorn {which doubles as child entertainment as it pop}, raisins, & peppermint marshmallows.

So call me boring but the more exciting and grown up festivities can wait another year. I’ll be snuggling on the couch with my babes celebrating just twelve short hours early. 
What are your fave fuss-free snacks for holiday entertaining?

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond Almonds.