This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the American Egg Board.

The cereal aisle can be a daunting place. Amidst all the brightly colored boxes lies a serious choice: which cereal should you feed your family?

Unfortunately there’s no real winner – the “healthy” cereal options can have just as much – or more – sugar than the ones that are obviously loaded with the sweet stuff, it’s just not as obvious.


The point of breakfast is to start your day right and if you have kids, to get them ready for a day of school and learning. A bowl of sugary cereal won’t help that, but a high-protein, low-sugar breakfast can. Research shows that a protein-rich breakfast, such as an egg breakfast, improves appetite control and helps you feel full. This makes it easier for children to focus and learn in school.


As part of the American Egg Board’s Breakfast Swap Challenge, I switched my son’s breakfast to eggs for 10 days. A rather hysterical experiment given his flip-flopping, love-hate relationship with certain foods depending on the day. By the end of the 10 days he was pulling eggs out of the fridge for me –yes, there were a few disasters—and asking for them for breakfast. Of course, that doesn’t mean he always actually ate all of them. But I took care of the leftovers for him. clip_image005

In addition to being easy to make, eggs are the most affordable source of high-quality protein per serving, making them a great choice for families on a budget. I’m often shocked by the price on a single small box of cereal, and depending on the cereal, you may not be getting any great nutritional benefits from it.


I tried to mix up how I fixed eggs each day so we didn’t get bored. I was a big fan of the 3 minute breakfast hash, so I often turned to similar recipes. A favorite of the little man’s was my green eggs and ham variation of this 1 minute microwave egg cup. {Broccoli instead of cheese.}


I was also a big fan of this French toast recipe, which really mixes up the day to day variety!


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Eggs provide a number of excellent dietary benefits, can be easily cooked in a variety of ways, and are very cost effective. The American Egg Board highlights the many benefits of eating eggs in addition to providing tips and delicious recipes. For more information, please visit

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the American Egg Board.

What do you typically eat for breakfast? Your kids?


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