I never put much thought into wearing a fitness tracker. I had a basic FitBit briefly but it didn’t engage me enough to keep wearing it and I hated the color so I rarely actually put it on. I figured I was active enough and counting steps wasn’t really on priority list. Then I got the Garmin Vivofit {which I received through my partnership with Verizon Wireless & FitFluential – I don’t have to blog about it but I want to because it’s cool}.

I strapped it on and prepared to watch the steps start counting up, up, and up…

vivofit fitness band (500x500)

Only they didn’t. I’d have mornings and moments filled with lots of fun, activity, and steps, then I would barely cross over to my goal by the end of the day. Other days the number of steps I ended with was just abyssmal. It was a bit of a wakeup call – I know how bad sitting and not being active is, yet here I was pretty much being a lazy bum in denial. While I’m not perfect about it, sitting the actual number of steps I’ve taken at any given moment is definite motivation to get up and moving.

So about the Garmin Vivofit specifcally: here’s my basic list of Pros & Cons to make it easy for you to skim through. {Here’s the vivofit I have.}


No need to charge battery – it’s a watch battery that’s predicted to last about a year. This means you never have to take the tracker off, stop tracking activity to charge it, or remember to put it back on, and no charger to keep track of. This is a huge plus in my book.

Shows when you’ve been sitting too long – A red bar bar appears above your step count if you’ve been still for too long. For each 15 minutes you remain still, a shorter bar is added. Walking around for a minute doesn’t make it automatically disappear either – it takes a bit of movement. {I desperately want to make this a con because it drives me crazy, but it’s the entire point of wearing one – to move more.} I believe the Vivofit 2 beeps to alert you when the red bar appears.

fitness band

Multiple displays – with the push of a button you can choose to show # of steps taken, # of steps left to reach your goal, miles traveled, calories burned, time, or date.

Color selection – I have basic black but I love the bright blue and purple. {There’s also others.}

Easy set up – you literally put it on and it works.{It comes with two sizes of wrist straps that you can interchange.} Besides that you can just download the Garmin Connect app and sync it wirelessly through Bluetooth, or it comes with a piece to plug into your computer to do the same.

Can automatically set & adjust your goal based on behavior. – I might not have known where to start otherwise.

Can get wet – can leave it on in the shower and swimming.

Can’t “force” it to take steps – I can’t shake my arm off like T swizzle and make it think I took a bunch of steps.


A little bulky – It’s a little bit on the big side for my preference, but I’m not sure there’s a smaller one out there that also has a display. {?} I find wearing it with the display side on my inner wrist {technically upside down} is more comfortable, especially when sleeping. This means I have to choose to look at it, meaning I might not notice that evil red bar telling me I’m being lazy.

garmin vivofit fitness tracker (500x500)

Poor sleep tracking – the sleep tracker only records how much you move while sleeping, and if you set your normal wake/sleep times it defaults to them no matter when you push the sleep button. While the amount of movement tends to correlate with my quality of sleep {i.e. lots of movement when the toddler takes over my bed}, it’s not always a perfect indicator and it doesn’t give me any information on how to improve this.

App leaves much to be desired – after the first few days of looking at things, I pretty much ignore the app. It’s nice to go back and look at the bigger picture, but besides that it doesn’t do much for me personally.

No backlight – not really a big deal but it’d be nice to be able to see the numbers when I’m going to bed or setting it to the sleep option {when I’m in bed and it’s dark} instead of just guessing.

Doesn’t always seem to predict movement/non-movement right – maybe it’s just smarter than me, but sometimes when I’ve been crazy active it still gets a red bar and when I’ve been lying around it doesn’t. Hmm.

So that’s it all broken down, but I haven’t taken it off since the minute I put it on, if that tells you anything. Winking smile


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Do you wear a fitness tracker? What kind and do you like it?