It’s the last unofficial week of summer. While schools everywhere have started back already, KB doesn’t start until next week. We have one final weekend to soak it all up and revel in the beauty a lack of forced schedule provides.

Before I get weepy and nostalgic about yet another season coming to an end, here are a few things I’ve been loving lately.


Seriously this charcoal mask is awesome. {If you didn’t know, charcoal in beauty products is all the rage right now. Trust me, I’m an expert. Kidding. 100%.} But it’s great. I’ve tried a handful of products from the company because of their safe ingredients and “natural” tendencies and I’ve liked them all. This one is a new winner though, especially with the lovely beauty that is pregnancy skin.

Erin Condren

I’ve heard about this planner for-ev-errrrr, but I finally got one of my very own to check out in the flesh. Er, paper.It’s as great as they say. Monthly views, and plenty of writing and planning room in the week by week sections. Perfect for blogging, writing, business, family, and life. The stickers and notecards including in the back are only a heaping bonus for this stationary lover.

erin condren planner


This might as well be on every Friday Fave post I ever write. We go through these suckers like it’s nobody’s business. {Dear Costco, please start offering more flavors so I can further my bulk-buying obsession.} I love that they’re allergy-friendly {most flavors – besides nuts of course}, have a great ingredient list, and taste insanely delicious. My whole family fights over them and I had to resort to rationing them in to individual family member bins in the pantry. #controlfreak #typeA

kind bars gluten free
Bakery on Main

Like I need another oatmeal favorite. But seriously, tack “pie” on to anything and you know you have a winner. Apple + oatmeal is my favorite breakfast flavor combo and while surely I can make my own instant oatmeal packets, having an option that’s already ready and has more to offer than just plain oats is a plus. Three cheers again for allergy-friendly food that still tastes good.

bakery on main oatmeal gluten free

{Speaking of allergy-friendly food, did you see the recall on Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips? I non-negotiable staple in our house, of course I had them in my pantry. Sad day.}
Mamma Chia

Ok this is more like a kid-fave, not me in particular, but as you parents now, pouches are golden. Love that these ones have chia seeds and a healthy does of omega in them. KB sucks these down with no second thought to the seedy texture and loves sprinkling the “crunchies” aka granola on his oatmeal {or straight out of the bag making a giant mess of course}.

mamma chia squeeze pouches

Ok I’m cutting myself off even though I have plenty of more favorites to share, but the sun is up and it’s time to go play in that summer sun while it lasts.


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