As promised on Instagram, I’ve been putting two fitness trackers to the test. The Fitbit Charge and the Garmin Vivofit.

fitness tracker fitbit vs garmin

Before I get down to business, I thought I’d review the Fitbit Charge on it’s own first. {You can read my review of the Vivofit here.}

Just for the record, I received this Fitbit from VerizonWireless & Fitfluential. Without further ramblings, here are the details:

Fitbit Charge Review

*The Charge is one of many Fitbits available. This one displays information directly on the band as well as through an app, and does not have interchangable wrists bands. This is the one I have –>> Fitbit Charge, small, slate $125.


Displays information directly on the wrist band. Pushing a button reveals time, steps taken, calories burned, miles covered, and flights of stairs climbed,

Numbers are lit {aka you can see them in the dark}

Syncs to app wirelessly through Bluetooth quickly

Tracks sleep according to number of wake ups and number of restless minutes. I find this method of reporting information more useful than other versions. {Although one time I sat reading a book so long it thought I was asleep. Oops.}

Tracks “active minutes”. Let’s you get an idea how much was “exercise” vs daily movement {to some extent}.

App is user-friendly, attractive, and full of information. I really, really like the Fitbit app. You can see trends, averages, integrate with MyFitnessPal, etc. It also has different challenges you can do to help with motivation & interact with friends.


Wide wristband. It doesn’t appear super bulky {although it’s wide} but I do notice it a lot. The part of the wristband that isn’t flexible {the technology part} takes up a good amount of the band, making it not move or sit super well on my smaller wrist.

Comes sized, with one band. Some trackers come with multiple wristbands in the same box, including the Flex. This one doesn’t – you have to pick a size upfront. This may not matter to most, but it means I can’t share with my husband.

Limited color selection. Similar to above, you get what you get. You can’t swap out sizes or colors. I’m not a fan of the odd blue color {aka “slate”} I have, and there isn’t a big selection of other colors anyway. Maybe this will change down the road? {Anybody know??}

Have to push button on side of wristband to view display. I’d rather just see the number staring back at my face, or at least be able to choose which reading shows up first instead of clicking through.

Battery needs charging. This goes somewhere between pro and con, really. The Charge needs to be plugged in to charge the battery, meaning you have to take it off to do so {and not count steps}. However, it charges quickly and the battery lasts awhile – at least a week/week and a half. If you charge it while you’re sitting anyways, you don’t miss much.


Do you where a fitness tracker? Which kind? Have you tried the Fitbit Charge? {If you have a Fitbit find me at heather @ sideofsneakers . com!}

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