Instead of a waking up to a 4:30 am wake up call as planned this morning, I’m sleeping in at the beach. While I’m happy to be at the beach, it’s not what I had in mind. I should be shivering poolside waiting for my swim wave at the 36 North Triathlon.

But I’m not because I went and hurt my knee. Last week I made the tough call not to race, even though it devastated me.

Instead of moping around, I’m just going to live vicariously through last year’s race report, and hope that I’m in good shape when the next tri rolls around.  😉

2009 36 North Tri

After waking at the crack of dawn, I drowsily climbed into the pre-loaded car with pre-race breakfast in hand: 2 whole grain waffles slathered with PB, bananas, and walnuts (and coffee to wash it down of course). The husband was such a sport- getting up early to take me to the race (he really had no idea what he was getting into, or why I considered this “fun”).  We had no problem finding the race site, and had plenty of time to check out what was going on.

I picked up my timing chip and got a quick lesson on how to strap it on my ankle, and then to body marking I went.  This is when I realized I was really about to do this.  My mom and I have volunteered in the past passing out water and Gatorade at a triathlon that goes through her neighborhood, and she’s always said she would love to have the job of body-marking ;).

age group marking

The swim was 300m up and back in a pool. (Figured a  pool was a good place to try this for the 1st time- one less thing to worry about!).  The start was staggered, with a person starting every 10 seconds.  Apparently this is quite different from regular start formats, but I have no idea how they normally do it. This seemed to work pretty well as far as I was concerned.  First went all the elite swimmers and club members, then the slowest seeded swimmers, then everyone in the middle.  I guess I was in the middle because I started near the end of the pack.

triathlon swim

I felt pretty good about the swim.  I probably wasn’t going as fast as I could have, but since I didn’t really know how I’d handle it, I didn’t want to end up drowning.  It was pretty similar to practicing in the pool, but with so many people swimming at the same time towards the same side of the pool, there was quite a current created.  I was working hard just to stay in the lane I was supposed to be in.  I keep misjudging how far I was from the wall when it came time to duck under the lane lines, but that was ok.  I think my goggles were messing with my depth perception a little bit.

Overall I was quite pleased with my swim performance; I even passed one or two people! 🙂

Then came the bike…


Revisiting my first tri:

The Bike

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