My Philly adventure came to a close with a morning 5K with Together Counts.

It was my first chance to really “see” Philly and all the iconic spots. {Minus the Liberty Bell.}

hls group run love sign

A huge group of us gathered in the lobby, then hit the streets of Philadelphia. It ended up being a walking 5K, which was ok by me- except for the fact that I spent the whole time looking at my watch freaking out about making it back in time to get to the airport…

gathering in the lobby

With Beth, one of my roomies, and Freya, who came all the way from the UK!

me with beth's journeyIMG_8994 (500x333)

Nothing like a giant mob of people crossing the city streets.

walking through philly

philadelphia street sign map

tall city buildings

philly streetsphilly tour guide

giant buildingsIMG_4570 (333x500)

the rocky steps building

horse statuethe love sign

The Rocky steps!! {Of course I’ve never seen Rocky…}

rocky stepsphilly skyline

walking up the rocky steps

And that tour of the city by foot ended HLS and my trip to Philly… Followed by a mad dash to the train station to wait 30 minutes for the next train. Followed by a mad dash to security only to get harassed for 40 minutes. Followed by a mad dash down the longest terminal in existence to hop on my already boarding plane. Followed by an extended wait on the runway. Phew.