…I didn’t learn in kindergarten.

I’m currently on my bike right now (if all is going well), with just a few hours left to go of 24 Hours of Booty!

I’m not a biker by nature. I was always a runner- until the day I couldn’t run any more. Though I didn’t really want to, I got on my bike for the first time in years and found a new way to get around. While it’ll never be the same as running for me, I’m glad I’ve found an alternative to keep me moving.

ride a bike

I didn’t know much about biking (I mean, I believed the bike shop when they told me a hybrid bike was great for racing…bahhhaha), so I’ve learned a lot along the way.

I thought I’d leave you with a collection of some of my best biking knowledge, whether you race, ride for fun, or are just thinking about picking up a bike for the first time in years:

How to Change a Bike Tire (or a more “correct” version of how to change a tire)

Bike Parts & Basic Maintenance Seriously, bikes have some oddly named parts. I couldn’t tell a sprocket from a derailleur to a cassette and was too embarrassed to ask…

How to Adjust Your Bike so it fits you. I knew exactly how to set up a spin bike at the gym, but I was clueless as how to go about adjusting a “real” bike.

and finally….

Using Clipless Bike Pedals I’m already in love with mine. Let’s hope I don’t have any bike-tastrophes this weekend.

change bike tire bike tire

Any tips to add? Any funny bike stories? Don’t be shy 😉

I used to be scared of bikes because:

a) I was riding on the bike of my dad’s bike when I was super little & he crashed- I crashed with the bike and my head bounced on a sewer grate like a ping pong ball. (Wear your helmet!!)

b) I was biking up a hill on a crowded road when I was maybe 10 or so, and the car behind me got annoyed with going slowly and drove into me.

But I’m over it 😉

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