Let me start by stating the obvious. It’s Election Day. Time to vote!

The babe and I voted last week during early voting just in case there were long lines at the polls today. Of course since we did that it means there won’t be any lines at all. You can thank me later.

early voting

I forgot about the excitement and anticipation Election Day can bring. The news coverage has already started, with live coverage at Independence Plaza, interviews with political experts and former First Family members, and predictions being thrown around right and left.

The first time I was old enough to vote in a presidential election I was in college, living in a dorm on a sorority hall. The Republicans were piled into one room; the Democrats in another far down the hall. And then there was me, bouncing back and forth between the two rooms because I couldn’t stand to miss what was happening in either camp.

It’s been 8 years since that initial election excitement. It goes without saying how different things are now. I’m married, have a job, a family, and am more aware of how I can influence my own {& my son’s} future. I thought a lot more about my vote before clicking confirm on my electronic ballot.

I didn’t have the forethought to plan an Election Day party complete with Campaign Trail Mix, donkey & elephant cookies, and Political Punch, although that would have been fun. I’m sure there’s no lack of Pinterest-inspired election day drinking games out there either. Instead this year I’ll put a tired babe to bed and curl up on the couch with the husband watching the electoral votes roll in in eager anticipation. There’s no doubt I’ll throw in my hat and head to bed long before the outcome is decided.

I’ll be hitting the gym earlier in the day {when I can actually keep my eyes open}, but for those of you with slightly more end-of-day energy than I have, try trading in your debate-style drinking game for this Election Day inspired workout routine. Just a fun way to keep you energized instead of keeping your butt parked on the couch for hours on end while you watch the election coverage tonight.

Election Day Workout

Put each of the following exercises in a bowl. {Use colored bowls or colored paper.}

Election Day Workout

What to do:

Each time a state is filled in, draw an exercise from the appropriate colored bowl. Perform exercise for number of reps that matches the number of electoral votes in that state. If it’s an exercise without reps {ex. plank} add a zero to the end and hold for that many seconds. Example: 9 votes = hold plank for 90 seconds.

electoral map

What creative ways are you celebrating election day?!