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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Well.

I’d started writing a post over on tiny sneakers a couple weeks back {and never finished, shocker} about how much easier a toddler is than a baby. I could probably still write write that post, but had I published it before last week I would’ve had to eat my words.

It was spring break and the husband was out of town, meaning no school and the toddler and I were on our own for a week. Doesn’t sound like a big deal, but sometimes a little break and some adult company goes a long way. Winking smile Only, The Kynado decided to throw a wrench in the already off-normal week. He got sick.


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What I thought was just allergies {goodness knows we’re all hurting from them this year} rapidly turned into pinkeye and a never-ending toddler plague. Meaning instead of filling our days with parks, projects, potty training, and play, we were stuck inside, mostly glued to the couch.

The second I saw the goop in his eye, I knew what it was. I can only remember having pinkeye once – it was in college {when I wore contacts} and it was dreadful. I knew he’d be super contagious if it was bacterial and he didn’t get on antibiotics soon, but it was nearing after-hours at the ped’s office and he was so miserable I couldn’t imagine dragging him to sit in the waiting room.

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Instead I tried out American Well, one of those mobile doctor-on-your-phone apps. You can see doctors or nutritionists from your computer or phone 24-7 and they even take insurance which is cool. I’m not sure I’d do it for every ailment, but definitely for nutrition and definitely for this quick visit that I knew we needed. {I had a coupon code for a free appointment – you can have one too: use SPRING to get a free doc visit {$49} or free nutrition visit {$25}. As long as you register in April, you can use the code for a year – aka wait until you need it.} It’s HIPAA-secure and they can share notes with your regular physician, which is convenient.

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We waited maybe three minutes for the family physician I picked to review our files and then she popped up on the screen. It was perfect because my cranky toddler could stay cuddled up in my lap distracted by some random truck song on YouTube on the TV. She quickly confirmed what I’d suspected and sent an Rx to the pharmacy while KB was thoroughly distracted by “doctor on phone! doctor on phone!” He kept trying to grab the phone from me and wanted to keep waving bye-bye after she was gone. Anyways, an hour later he had his drops and woke up almost goop-free. Hooray for quick treatment.

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So I should probably still write that post about toddler’s being easier, even if only so I can go back and remind myself that when we’re having a rough day. Winking smile

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Have you ever tried a mobile doc? What are your thoughts? In true toddler fashion, I’m still hearing requests for the “doctor on phone, mommy!”


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Well.