After 5 months of “wait & sees”, last week I mentioned I found a new doctor.

One that listened. One that looked at my knees. One that watched me run.

One that’s interested in helping me run again.

I’m a little bit in love, so forgive me if I bring him up too often.


Almost everything he’s said has been the opposite of what the sports medicine doc said.

Doc 1 Doc 2
Your left knee blows You right knee’s ridiculous
Well, duh, it’s a knee injury No, it’s actually a hip problem
Don’t run, you’ll make it worse. Run, or I won’t know where it’s hurting
Get custom orthotics. Wear them forever & always. Ditch the orthotics. You can wear them, but not when you run.
Stretch, stretch, stretch, & stretch. Don’t stretch. Stabilize.


Ding ding ding! Winner is: Doc 2. (Where have you been all my life?!)

boxing ring

I’ve only seen the guy for two weeks and he’s already got me running a mile again. The part that hurts the most? My lungs.

Hello out of shape.

Makes you appreciate how much you can really do when you run half marathons and such.

My December & January races are still cancelled, but I’m already digging through race calendars to figure out what’s next. [I’ve actually already got something up my sleeve…but more on that later. Winking smile]


Maybe I should slow down and just run first.