My four year old has three two more days of preschool before summer strikes.

I still haven’t registered him for PreK. Registration was in February.

He’s not signed up for any summer activities.

My 5 month old still doesn’t nap.

My four year old definitely doesn’t nap.

I work from home.

My husband works out of state almost weekly.


I’m in severe denial.

About my babies growing up.

About how I’m going to maintain my work load with no summer help.

About only having two more days of preschool. Did I mention that already?

Is it still denial when I’m actually completely aware? Hyperaware. That it’s time to make some decisions and stop putting them off.

Time to pick a preK.

Time to admit that my youngest may never nap well. That I probably need childcare for him too.

Time to publish the giant backlog of posts I have because I never have “enough time” {<– ha} to put the finishing touches on them.

Or maybe I’ll just blissfully keep my head buried in the proverbial sand and try my hardest to keep my babies my babies just a little bit longer.

big bro little bro

Yeah, that last one I think.

Because we all know babies don’t keep.

baby boy