Nothing says welcome to the beach like seafood…

dead end saloon fish factory grille

and a sunset!

water way sunset

It’s pretty much a requirement to eat fresh seafood when you’re in such close proximity to the ocean.

On recommendation from the rental agency owner, we headed to Dead End Saloon Fish Factory Grille, a restaurant known for it’s water front views. The road to the restaurant literally dead ends into the sound. The “fish factory” in the name had us wrongly assuming there might be a large choice of fish on the menu.

The restaurant offer outdoor-only seating, which is perfectly ok in my book, especially when this is the view from your table:

sunset over the sound

The seafood choices were limited to a catch of the day and several crab cake dishes. Being as I don’t paricularly enjoy whole fried flounder, I opted for the crabcake sandwich.

whole fried flounder

{I really, really don’t care for tails on my plate, thankyouverymuch.}

crabcake and fries

Unfortunately the crab cake left much to be desired- it was old and fishy tasting. I suppose I should know by now to leave the crab eating to Maryland.

crab cake sandwich

The fries, however, were surprisingly tasty- spicy and crunchy without being overly greasy.

So while our seafood requirements were quite fulfilled, our sunset views were. Not a bad way to start vacation.

What’s your favorite beach meal?